Monday, May 18, 2009

Stake Conference with Elder Oaks

Dear Family, 
I'm not sure what just happened, but my email I was writing to you just got erased. This is going to have to be quick.

Thank you for the prayers to find new investigators. They were answered. Elder Bowles and I found TWENTY new investigators this week!I wish my email had not been deleted, I'm going to have to make everything brief.

Elder Bowles and I have had to ride our bikes all week in order to be obedient with our mile limitation. It seems ineffective biking 40-45 minutes just to get to our area, but the Lord puts things into place when we are obedient.

Tuesday started off with a 45 minute bike ride to an appointment (which was not even there). As we road down a street we have been on many times before, Elder Bowles noticed a trailer and we knocked it and while we were teaching her Elder Bowles told the lady that we represent the church she has been looking for. She responded "How did you know I was looking for a church?" After that point she really recognized us as servants of Jesus Christ.

Wednesday we did not have much success during the day and then we went out with Brother Helm for the night. I was stuck in the back seat of his BMW and there was no room at all. The window was down and the wind was blowing in my ear so I could not hear anything Elder Bowles or Brother Helm were talking about. We did not have any success seeing any of our investigators, so he dropped us off at the church early, but when he did we started talking to a member and she told us about an unbaptized child that wants to join the church! The Lord sure does work in mysterious ways.

Friday I went on an exchange with Elder Quakenbush. It was great and we found some pretty solid investigators.

Saturday I went on an exchange with Elder Solomon, one of the APs. Boy do I have a ton I can improve on. It was great to go on the exchanges to see how other people teach. Oh yeah and while I was with Elder Solomon, I received a phone call from Sister McConkie telling me that I was going to be playing the piano at zone interviews after stake conference the following day, and that ELDER OAKS was going to be there! :O Yeah I was a little stressed out.

Sunday. Both Stakes in Greenville  had stake Conference, but Elder Oaks only spoke in the East stake, not the one I'm in (west). After stake conference, Elder Oaks came to our zone interviews and I had to play the prelude music and the opening song! I was stressed out to play for an apostle, but I know the Lord directed my hands. It was such a great experience to meet him and listen to him train us. We were really lucky because he is not going to tour the mission, so only the two Greenville zones had the opportunity to meet him. It was great to see what I teach about. I tell people in South Carolina that yes they are good people and Christians, but the truth was lost with the death of the apostles. And I was able to see a living apostle. This church is true. I love it with all my heart. I love you all and I pray the Lord will watch over you and bless you with anything you stand in need of.

Elder Cowan

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