Monday, November 23, 2009

Zone Leader

Dear Family,

First off, today is not preparation day. We moved our preparation day to Thursday so we will not go out and work that day. I will be able to write you a longer letter on Thursday...wait the library is going to be closed. That is why I am writing today. :) Because today is a work day and not a preparation day, I am only allowed to write during my lunch break--thirty minutes. I, unfortunately, do not have time to talk about our investigators, but I received a phone call from the zone leaders on Saturday. I am being transferred. That's how the Lord works. This past Sunday Brandon and Jeff both came to church and they were telling all of the members about their baptism date of December the 5th. They truly are excited. "Like a fire is burning," comes to mind when I look at both of them. I know I am needed elsewhere. "I'll go where you want me to go."

On Sunday I received a phone call from President McConkie. When I looked on the caller-id, I thought to myself, "with 18 new missionaries coming into the mission, there are going to be quite a few trainers." I answered the call expecting him to inform me that I was training, but boy was I wrong. President has asked me to be a Zone Leader. :O Wow. I know I don't know how it feels to be called as a stake president (like Dad), but the thought that I am going to be accountable for 20-25 teenage missionaries is frightening. I go forward in faith and pray that the Lord may be with me as I accept this new assignment. I love you all, and I wish I could share more of my experiences with you, but my lunch hour is over.

With Love,

Elder Cowan

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  1. Seriously stalwart!!! BTW I had the funkiest dream about Mike being called as stake president the other night; like there were two of them and I was talking to you (Amy) about the other one and how weird that they were in the exact same situation. I didn't realize until I woke up that they were both actually Mike. Dreams are weird. But I think I was thinking about your family before I went to sleep.