Monday, March 22, 2010

Becky Commits to be Baptized

Dear Family,

Once again I'm sitting at a computer screen asking myself where did the time go? I did not accomplish all that I wanted, but hopefully the Lord will continue to help me to accomplish my goals. I first want to thank you, Mom, for sending the large print triple. It was quite the surprise when I received it. I enjoyed opening that package more then any other package.

Next, if you buy a new piano, please don't get rid of the other piano. I really enjoy playing the piano. (Even though I get WAY stressed when President McConkie is around when I play.) I know there are a ton of things I have forgotten, but I would like to continue to learn piano after my mission (and this next comment is not focused on missionary work or completing my purpose as a missionary) and I would like to borrow your piano when I move out. Ok I said it, now I can go back to focusing on my investigators.

Tuesday morning we had a District Development Meeting. I was asked to train on gaining a testimony vs. becoming converted. I was only suppose to train for 15 minutes and I ended up training for 40 minutes. :) A summary of my training: "True Conversion, comes through Continual Repentance." After the meeting, our District Leader, Elder Merrill and his companion, Elder Dupaix, came with us to Becky's house to drop off a present for her daughter's birthday. We came in and sang "Happy Birthday" to Regan and then gave her a present (it was a "Finding Faith in Christ" DVD). They really enjoyed us coming over.

On Thursday we taught Becky about the concept that there can only be one true church. We explained that Christ taught specific and clear doctrines and then after Christ, man changed those doctrines. When they were changed, they were no longer Christ's doctrines, but man's. We then testified of the Restoration, how Christ appeared to Joseph Smith, brought those truths back to the earth and restored His gospel. We also brought to Becky's memory the experience we had had previously--when she prayed and asked Heavenly Father if Joseph Smith was a prophet and the spirit bore strong testimony. As we taught, Becky turned to Elder Douglas and said, "It's funny how you can literally see a change in Elder Cowan's face as he feels the spirit. It looks like his face is glowing, as if there is a light coming from within him." She not only saw the spirit through me, but she felt it within her and she accepted a baptism date of April 3rd! Right before we left, Doreen asked, "Does that mean she needs to give up coffee, tea and cigarettes?" I wish we could have answered that through discussing the Word of Wisdom, but we told her she would need to quit and then we read 1 Nephi 3:7 helping her remember that the Lord is going to help her to overcome those addictions. Also random note, but while we were at Becky's house we found out that Regan's boyfriend "tried to become 'fresh' with her." Regan ended up breaking up with her boyfriend. Now she has no strings holding her toward the other church! We hope and pray she will be able to grasp hold of the gospel as well!

I received the large print triple on Thursday evening (once again thanks!) and then on Friday, Elder Quakenbush and I went to Union to blitz. We had a great day with Elder Warburton and Elder Bjarnson. We were able to meet a less-active member who has a 9 yr old unbaptized child and we found two new investigators. The less-active member came to church and the 9 yr old should be baptized in the upcoming weeks!

On Saturday we brought over the large print triple and read Moroni 10:3-5. Becky and Doreen committed to read it. I hope that the Book of Mormon will help Doreen progress quicker than she has. She has not caught hold of the gospel as quickly as Becky. Becky and Doreen committed to come to church, but then on Sunday they did not show up. We think they overslept. They are night owls, not early birds. We are going to teach the Word of Wisdom on Tuesday, and then later this week we are going to start Becky on the non-smoking packet so she can become smoke free!

Besides Becky and family (I really need to get a last name), we have not had much going on.We spent most of our time tracting, which has not been very fruitful. We continue to search for more families who will accept the gospel and receive the blessings Heavenly Father has in store for them! I love being a missionary. Every time I write President a letter, or see him, I always ask him to extend me. He has tried in the past, but has been shut-down, but he continues to try to find an exception by which I could stay. :) (That's exactly what you wanted to hear...not!)

This Saturday I will receive transfer calls. I no longer care what happens to me. All I want is Becky and her family to get baptized. If the Lord sees fit that I will be the instrument by which He works, or another missionary, I do not care. It's not about the missionary. It's about the family that comes into the gospel. Thank you for the prayers in my behalf, and more importantly, those we teach. I love y'all! Until next time. Peace!

Elder Cowan

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  1. Ok, that last comment brought tears to my eyes. That is true LOVE of the people. No better quality.