Monday, January 24, 2011

New Area: Greenville New Companion: Elder Fisher

Dear Family,

I am currently serving in the Greenville First Ward. My companion is Elder Fisher. Elder Fisher is from Fallon, NV. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to serve with this kid! I love Elder Fisher. He wants to be a successful missionary and he is willing to put forth the effort to accomplish his goal! I had the privilege this week to pick up Elder Fisher and the other missionaries from his district at the airport. They flew in Monday evening. When we arrived at the mission home, we received some instruction from President McConkie and then they went to bed.

On Tuesday, Elder Taylor and I had the majority of the day to instruct and train the new missionaries. It was so much fun to train with Elder Taylor. We went through the 8 focuses that the MTC will be switching to in July. (Blake this is top of the line stuff! The missionaries in the MTC don't even know about this curriculum yet.) We are blessed to already have some lesson materials in preparation for the change in the MTC. We are becoming efficient now so that when the first batch of missionaries arrive in July/August we will already be proficient in the "Teach More Effectively" Curriculum. Central to the training are eight focuses:
1. The Doctrine of Christ- The missionary purpose.
2. The role of the Holy Ghost in conversion
3. Revelation through prayer
4. Revelation through the Book of Mormon
5. Revelation through church attendance
6. Teach people, not lessons
7. We invite, they commit, we follow up
8. How to begin teaching

Elder Taylor and I trained on these points throughout the day and in the evening we went proselyting with the new missionaries. It was a great experience. Within a couple of hours almost every one of the new missionaries was able to teach a new investigator.

Wednesday was transfers. The last couple of transfer meetings have had some "hick-ups," little things that could have been avoided, but through the mistakes of men, they have caused a head-ache for all involved. Elder Taylor and I were determined to not have it happen this transfer. We checked the logistics over and over to make sure everything was prepared for transfers. The transfer meeting went well. Everything went as planned. It was great to see Elder Fisher's confusion on his face when everyone had been transferred and he was the only one left. He did not know that I was training a new missionary. :) After the transfer meeting, I was making sure that everyone got to where they needed to be and with the correct supplies. I was so worried about everyone else that I did not think about my own supplies. Long story short, when we were 15 minutes from arriving in Greenville, I received a text from Elder Taylor informing me that I had left one of my suit cases in the trailer! :) I had to laugh. It was extreme lucky to find out that it was the luggage that only had my towel and blankets in it. When we arrived at the apartment, I was blessed to find blankets already there. :) Every morning I have been drying myself off with a face towel. :) It's been really fun.

I love the Greenville First Ward. The sisters had everything prepared for us and we were able to hit the ground running. For only working Thursday-Sunday, Elder Fisher and I had a great week. We have been able to meet many of the Sister's investigators and they have warmed up to us. We have so many miracles happening here. I love it! There is one investigator who we have not been able to get a hold of. Her name is Cheryl. Cheryl has been taught everything and is supposed to be baptized this weekend. When Cheryl found out the Sisters were being transferred, she was pretty upset. We will continue to try and see her and have her begin her progression again in the Restored Gospel.

Well, I need to close for now! I love each of you!

Elder Cowan

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