Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hello Simpsonville

Dear Family,

Thank you for your letter. I have been transferred. I have to get a new library card. Without a library card I can only be on the internet for five minutes. This is going to be a very short email. I am now serving in Simpsonville area. The area is much different from my last area. Simpsonville is about 1/5 the geographical size of Anderson, and the average income in MUCH higher. I am serving with Elder Bjarnson (the young man we met at distribution before my mission). Elder Bjarnson was in the same MTC district as me. My time is out. I love you!

Elder Cowan

Hello! I jumped on the Elder Stephen's computer. He finished emailing early. It's really interesting being white washed into the area. Elder Bjarnson and I are still trying to meet everyone and get everything all figured out. The funny part is that this last Sunday, the Bishop, Ward Mission Leader, and the gospel essentials teacher were all out of town for the Labor Day weekend. So the three people we work with were not there to give us any information on the area.

In the one week that I've been here, Elder Bjarnson and I have been kicked out of four neighborhoods for "soliciting." (We are not solicitors because we are not selling anything.) :) We have not had any success finding anyone our first week. It's sad that those who have a lot of money feel that they don't need religion and they don't feel two teenage boys can teach them anything. Oh well. We just go on to the next house and keep searching for "those who will receive you" and I also remember the scripture which says, "let no man despise thy youth." I know I am young, but I have been called of God. When someone slams the door in my face or kicks me out of a neighborhood, it's not me they are rejecting, they are rejecting the message I bring and they reject Jesus Christ. Some day they will be humble and ready to receive the message of the Restoration. I have also been asked to be the district leader. The other companionship in our district is Elder Stephens and Elder Stocks. They serve in the Greer area and they are on bikes. We are going to have a great transfer and work our hearts out. I love you all and yes as dad said in his letter: Born in the upstate, Serve in the upstate! :D

Elder Cowan

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