Monday, August 31, 2009

First Transfer

Dear Family,

I did receive the package. I also received a phone call Saturday night telling me to pack my bags and I'm going to the Transfer meeting on Wednesday down in Columbia. I do not know where I am going or who I am serving with. It's a surprise! This is going to be a very short email this week because I have to pack my suit case today. I had no idea Liesel was pregnant. When is she due? I had a great week here in Anderson. I can only give some highlights from the week.

Elder Taylor and I went over to Kent and Holly's and we had a great family home evening. We got all of their children involved which was a miracle in and of itself because their kids are CRAZY! :) One of their children had never even spoken to Elder Taylor or me before our visit this week. Our family home evening was centered around a "gospel version" of "Don't Eat Pete." Instead of having cartoon pictures on the board, we put: Salt Lake temple, Book of Mormon, Bible, missionaries, Jesus, families, Joseph Smith, prayer, and baptism. Every time they picked up the candy on the square, the kids had to say what the picture was, and why it is important. Example: Temple. The children had to remember that it is "the house of God". Anyways the kids really enjoyed it, and at the end of the lesson Sabrina, the 6 year old daughter wanted to say the closing prayer. We also had Carey Burriss (blind man) come to church this Sunday. He really enjoyed it. I wish I could stay to continue to watch him progress, but like Dad said, "Come what may and love it!" I Love this work. I love the opportunity to invite others to come unto Jesus Christ. I hope and pray all is well and I will talk to you next week from a new location! :) 

Elder Cowan

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  1. Wow! I made a missionary letter. That's always pretty cool. I'll have to send him a picture of my HUGE belly. Then he'll know I'm pregnant. Is this really his first transfer? I know he's had companion and calling changes but I didn't realize that he hadn't changed areas. How exciting! Nice comment from Mike too. I'm going to remember that, "come what may, and love it."