Monday, August 17, 2009

Two week update

Dear family,

I am sorry the email did not get to you. I'm not sure why it did not work. For the time being, I am going to blame :) Last week update: It came, it went and I loved every second of it. I don't have much to report from last week so I'm going to spend my time with this week.

Tuesday: On an exchange with Brother Rodger, I visited William Bradberry. William is not doing well. William has diabetes and he does not watch what he eats. He eats anything and everything. His diabetes is attacking his entire body but when we went by this last week I recognized how much it has affected his brain/memory. It was really sad to watch, but then at the same time I am truly grateful that Elder Bowles and I had the opportunity to teach him. It was truly a miracle that for the two and a half weeks that we taught him, William did not have any health problem. I know the Lord restored his health for the short amount of time we worked with him up until his baptism. I know the Lord is in charge.

Wednesday: Elder Merrell (ZL) and Elder Cooney (AP)came to Anderson to do the baptismal interviews for Laura Draper, Kent Byrum, and Holly Byrum. I was a little nervous because these are the first three baptisms that Elder Taylor and I have taught completely on our own. All three passed the interview and then the fun began. We started checking on everything to make sure the baptism would run smoothly. Last Sunday we invited Sister Mortensen to give the talk at the baptism because she has really become good friends with Laura, but on Friday (the day before the baptism) Sister Mortensen called and told us that she was coming to the baptism but she was not going to give the talk. :) Elder Taylor and I luckily found a replacement speaker. Elder Taylor and I also had to find clothes for everyone. This was quite the adventure. We could not find pants that fit Kent. The dress that we borrowed from Sister Black did not fit Holly. What a mess. We did not get the clothes situation figured out until 30 minutes before the baptism. :) Brother Macdonald was in charge of finding a pianist, but she didn't show up, so I had the opportunity to play the piano at the baptism. Brother Trotter baptized Kent and Holly, which was another fiasco because we found out while Holly was in the water that she is afraid of water and Brother Trotter had forgotten the baptismal prayer. :) Holly had to be baptized three times before she went under completely. Elder Taylor baptized Laura. Overall, Elder Taylor and I were at the church for five hours on Saturday. Boy was that tiring. When we finally got back to our apartment I got a killer headache. I felt like death. It was pretty bad. I had Elder Taylor give me a blessing and even with the headache, I decided I was going to go out and work. Sitting in the apartment does not promote baptisms. :P While we drove to the area where we were going to be knocking, my head still throbbed, but once we got out of the car and started knocking on doors, my headache vanished. We worked the rest of the night with no problems. Then when we got back to the apartment, my headache returned. :)  I know the Lord was preserving me as I went about doing His will. I love it. Miracles happen everyday. I just hope I am humble enough to recognize the miracles for what they really are.

On Sunday I confirmed Laura. It's way sad, Kent and Holly were all ready for church a half an hour before, but then the cable man showed up at their house as they were getting ready to go. They told the cable man that they were leaving but he said that this was the only time he was going to be down their direction. He also told them that it would only take a couple of minutes, but because of the cable man, Kent and Holly and their three kids were late to Sacrament meeting. :(  They were not confirmed. I'm not worried about Kent and Holly. I know they will be confirmed, but I just wish it was over so I could finally breathe. It will get done this week.
Okay that's enough about the baptisms for now.

Elder Taylor and I met a man named Eddie and we taught a really good first lesson. Eddie recognizes the corruption in so many churches and everything was great until the First Vision. After we recounted Joseph Smith's experience, Eddie said, "Hold on! You believe Jesus is not God?" I thought is was going to go down hill from there, but when we explained that we do not believe in the Trinity, Eddie responded: "Hallelujah!" Eddie does not believe in the Trinity, which is VERY rare. We have a return appointment with him this following week. We will see what happens. I love this work. I truly appreciate all the prayers and everything you do for me. I am certain I do not want pictures of the family but I would like a picture of Jenny and Kyle.

Love yall!
Elder Cowan

P.S. We had a shot gun pulled on us this week! :)  Got to love the mission! Don't worry mom. Everything is all right.

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  1. K, you can't just say by the way mom, I got a gun pulled on me, but everything is all right. Crazy kid. What cool stories about health with the diabetic guy and the headache though. The Lord truly does bless us in ways that aren't even expected.