Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

Dear Family,

Happy New Year! My session is going to end in 15 minutes because I was doing weekly reports for the Assistants. This week has flown by. I can not even begin to understand where the time seems to go, but where ever it's going, I want it to come back. I would love some oranges. It you are offering me any type of food, I am going to accept. I forgot to tell you but Elder Redston and I have been sacrificing our dinners. We skip it because it's the most productive time to be out among the people because families are together eating dinner. We just finished another transfer. It seems like I just got here! We received the phone call from the assistants to give us the information for our zone, and every companionship is being affected in the zone except Elder Redston and me. There are going to be three white washes in our zone. It's going to be very exciting. Lots of new faces in the zone. I was really excited to know that I am going to be in an area longer than one transfer. That phone call came on Saturday. This morning we received a phone call from President. Elder Redston and I are going to be training new missionaries AND be Zone Leaders!!!!!!!! The amount of weight on my shoulders becomes a little heavier every transfer. I'm a little stressed because it's going to be difficult trying to train a missionary and take care of 16 other missionaries at the same time. Elder Redston and I decided that it is in preparation of marriage. We each are bringing a new child in the world who is going to need a ton of attention, but we can't forget about our other children either. :) My time is up. I love you. I feel very selfish to use my time to write about me and not my investigators.

Elder Cowan

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  1. So we got talking about Trevor while the family was down here and John made some comment about how he's surpassing him. I, of course, consoled him, but after reading this I'm not so sure. I don't think John ever sacrificed dinners for the work. Now that's a sacrifice! :)