Monday, December 28, 2009

Farewell to 2009

Dear Family,

I know you want an update, but last week is no longer in my memory, so I will do my best. Monday evening I went on an exchange with Elder Stocks. I went to Union and Elder Corona came and worked with Elder Redston in Spartanburg. We both had good days. I was able to interview Trumain Morman for baptism, and as of Sunday he is now a Mormon. :) All day Tuesday I was in Union. We had a very successful day. We found six new investigators and two of them were really cool. I'm glad we were able to find some people because the previous week they had only found one new investigator all week. Elder Corona and Elder Redston had a great day as well. They were working Woodruff (the town on the farthest tip of our area). They found five new investigators. They were able to see the Stewarts and they had a great lesson with them. Elder Redston and I went by to see them last night and Brother Stewart was sleeping, but we talked to his wife and daughter. They are such a humble family. Brother Stewart was asleep because he had been in pain all day (he's disabled).

Wednesday morning was an unplanned, combined (with Greenville West Zone) Zone Development meeting. The assistants called the day before and told us that we were going to have the meeting and that President and the assistants were going to be attending. Elder Redston and I threw together a training on the preparation it takes in order to find people to teach. I already gave you an update on Dawn Tucker; we had a great lesson about the spirit world. Unfortunately, she did not come to church this week. We are going to continue to work with her, but it may be time to use some tough love. Tracy and her children are doing great. They have a baptismal date of January the 9th.

Well I think I'm done. I'm fighting a cold. I'm going to take a nap today...the first one in a couple of months. :) Keep the faith, follow the spirit.

Elder Cowan

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