Monday, December 14, 2009

Blessings from Listening to the Spirit

Dear Family,

Wow. I can't believe how fast time goes by! I'm already half way through my first transfer in Spartanburg! There is always so much to do and no time to do it! To start off, I want to thank you for including me in your 12 days of Christmas. It has been quite fun for the first two days. I don't have too much time to write because I have to do some paper work on the computer for our meeting with the Stake President this week. I will only have time for the highlights. The biggest thing--India Johnson was baptized! I had the opportunity to confirm her a member of the church yesterday during sacrament meeting. I am so excited for India. It is great to see the fire burning in recent converts. I hope I never become complacent with my testimony, but that I will always have a desire to spread the gospel.

This week Elder Redston and I planned to knock an apartment complex, and while we were walking and talking, we both stopped and the same time--Elder Redston was in the middle of his sentence--we looked at the apartment building at the top of the hill. We both shared with one another that we thought we should go up there, so we did. And.....we met Monica. We had such a great lesson with her. The spirit was so strong and she cried from the time we shared the first vision up until we left. What is even more exciting is that she is the same age as India and they are exactly alike. India is coming with us to teach Monica on Tuesday night. Monica has been reading the Book of Mormon and she has accepted a baptismal date of January 2nd. I am excited to continue to work with her.

Elder Redston and I continue to work with Dawn Tucker. Her countenance has completely changed from the first day we met her. Dawn is no longer depressed and she is always so excited to see us. Dawn has not come to church. Elder Redston and I have planned a "do or drop lesson." I know the spirit will testify to her of the importance of church, and it will be so strong she will not be able to deny it!

Another cool story. Thursday night as we arose from our knees to begin our planning for the following day, Elder Redston pointed at the map and said, "We need to go to this street." Elder Redston was pointing at Quinn Street in Pacolet. He then went on to say, we need to go there between these two times. So we planned it in, and when we got to Quinn Street we met a mother who had been praying for some help to get back into church. She has been struggling with depression and I am so thankful that Elder Redston was in tune with the spirit so that we could be an instrument in Heavenly Fathers hands by being an answer to this sweet sister's prayers. More to come on that story this next week. :) 

One last story. Last night Elder Redston and I had been out contacting and we ran out of plans. I turned on my GPS and I looked at the area. I felt prompted to knock a street, and I told Elder Redston. He said he had already been there with Elder Bowles, but he said we could go try it again. As we pulled onto Grant Cir, he told me there were only four houses on it, but I kept on driving. At the end of the street, it turned into a townhouse community. Elder Redston had never seen it before. We parked the car and we knocked on Lamont Glen's door. We taught Lamont about the Restoration and he told us that he has been searching for a church. He has committed to come to church this week and we are seeing him again on Tuesday. :) I feel so blessed to have the companionship of the Holy Ghost. It is one of the greatest blessings. I know I could not do this work on my own. I also feel so blessed to have been given the responsibility to offer others the gift of the Holy Ghost. The Priesthood is real, always live worthy to use it at a moment's notice.


Elder Cowan

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  1. This letter just makes me want to be better so that I can be lead by the spirit like that. WHOA!