Monday, April 12, 2010

Another Week of Missionary Work

Dear Family,

What a great week. It is quite fun serving with Elder Thayne. He has great intentions, but he has a difficulty staying awake sometimes. :) Every day he does a little better than the day before. He is slowly becoming acclimated to missionary work. 
I don't have too much to update. Becky and Doreen were out of town for a funeral this week. Elder Thayne taught Charles while I was on an exchange in Simpsonville. Charles had to work this weekend. Douglas has mental health problems. He stresses out if he does not keep a commitment that he has promised. He breaks down into shakes and depression if he recognizes that he does not do something he has promised to do. Because of this illness, he finds it easier to not promise anyone anything. He said he would come to church "some Sunday." We told him we are not going to be able to continue to come around and wait for "someday" to come. He knows where the church is and we committed him to continue to read and pray. We  may stop by one more time before we drop him. 
Becky did have a baptism date for the beginning of April, but she did not quit smoking. They have been really difficult to catch recently. I hate waiting, but I am trying to love it, because I know there is only so much I can do. We really want to teach Becky's children: Regan Corey and Charleston. We are going to teach them about faith and give each of them a pot with a seed in it. Every time they do something good, they can water their individual plant. When the family reads the Book of Mormon together, everyone will be able to water their plants. Hopefully this visual will help them to recognize that just as the seed requires action on our part to grow, we also need to put forth effort in order for our faith to grow (reading, praying, going to church). It should be a good lesson. I want to thank you Mom and Dad for being great parents. I see so many families where the children do not have restrictions, rules or any sense of order. I thank Heavenly Father that I have "been born of goodly parents." I hope and pray for your physical and spiritual safety and welfare. I hope you have a great week!

Elder Cowan

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  1. A kid saying thank you for rules??? That day comes???? WOW!!! What a great day for a parent.