Monday, May 24, 2010

Moving/Cleaning Apartments

Dear Family,
Don't be shocked, but I am actually sending pictures! :D what is the world coming to? ;) What a crazy week. Monday was move day. We moved out of our apartment and moved into an older apartment to save the mission some money. We had to carry everything down three flights of stairs, load it into the mission trailer, and then we had to carry all our material up a flight of stairs to the apartment we are staying at now. The new apartment was gross. The place was a mess and it smelled bad. Elder Pack and I have attacked the apartment with Clorox bleach and we feel we have killed everything. It has been quite the adventure moving into this apartment. Our dishwasher is broken; it flooded the the entire kitchen. We told the apartment management about the problem and they said they fixed it, so we started our dishwasher before we left to work on Thursday. When we got home that evening, the kitchen was flooded once again. We told the apartment management AGAIN, and they said they would fix it. The management told us they found the problem and removed the clog. We started our dishwasher again today and guess what happened? You got it! It flooded again. :) Monday and Tuesday were completely taken up by the move/cleaning of both apartments.

On to this weeks proselyting activities. We had someone call both of our phones on Thursday and I gave a call back and the person on the line denied that he had called me. I didn't think much of it until the same phone number called us back eight hours later. Elder Pack answered the phone and it was a man by the name of Bill Smith. Bill was a member in Myrtle Beach 20 years ago and he was "antied" really bad so asked to have his name removed from the records of the church. After 20 years, he has recognized all his so called "friends" who "antied" him were all wrong about the church. Bill wants to come back to the church. Bill asked to meet with us on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Bill was all set to come to church, then Saturday night he left a message on our phone saying he was not going to make it. I hope he is alright. We met with Dante. He said he would come to church, but he did not make it. I am out of time. I love you all! Sis. Selph quit smoking!

I love you,
Elder Cowan

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