Monday, April 6, 2009

Conference Week

April 6, 2009 
It was nice to read dad's letters. I spent too much time this week reading emails, but I will do my best to make this a detailed email.
I was a little under the weather this week. I'm still not better but I think I am finally getting better. It has been really annoying. I've had a constant headache and sore throat all week, and my nose has either been clogged or running. :)  I think its allergies so I've been taking medication and it seems to be working. Yes mom, you can email me while I am on the computer. Grandma can email me directly. Sean can email me directly as well (as long as his mission president allows it). I can print stuff off, I'll definitely have to start doing that. I know you had more questions but I can't think of them. I would also like David Abner's myldsmail address it you could get that for me. I can't think of anything particular to put in the package. If you can have Blake ask Schreiber where he bought the Encore pens, I would really like more ink for it. It was a really nice pen. Only twenty minutes left and on to the letter!

This week has been a blur because of my sickness. I've been drinking a ton of water this week trying to make the sore throat go away, and because of all the fluid I have been drinking I've been in some sticky situations because we are not allowed to use investigators or members bathrooms. Tuesday we ate at the bishops house and I really had to go to the bathroom.  :)  My headache was particularly bad that night as well so It was a painful but funny situation to be in. It didn't help that the bishop doesn't trust missionaries. He thinks we are young (and we are) and that we don't know what we are doing. It was quite a funny experience trying to be respectful while I thought I was going to burst. After dinner we went to Luis and Gasper's to teach them a lesson. Luis was not there so we taught Gasper the second lesson. He really enjoyed it. We also set Gasper and Luis on a calendar and gave them assignments of what scriptures to read and when we would see them up until their baptism. While contacting on Wednesday, we met a lady named Shirley Payne. This lady has lived a difficult life. She lives in a mobile home which leaks, she has no running water or heat. When we met her she was cooking food over a candle.  :(  We taught her that god loves her and she told us a little about her life. When she was a young lady she was kidnapped and raped. Shirley is so positive, as she told us this, she said it was a blessing because from the experience she had a son. She looks on the bright side of life even with having so little. She also had her identity stolen, and her husband divorced her anyways the list goes on but she is an example to me that nobody can take your attitude away. We have the choice to choose our outlook on life.

Conference was great. My Allergies were acting up really bad, and in between each talk I had to run to the bathroom to wash out my eye. This is because throughout each talk, my eye would slowly seal shut. (See picture) :) I loved Elder Hollands talk. It was amazing! We watch conference at the ward building. It's been great to hear the prophet speak. I'm sorry I could not write more. I love you!

Mom-I loved your letter, I had to skim some parts because of lack of time
Dad-You are alive! I was wondering why I had not heard of from you! :P
Justin-enjoy those free sandwiches
Blake-keep running!
Kevin-Do choir! you will love it! and the girls in choir are pretty! Love you all!

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