Monday, April 27, 2009

First Baptism!

April 27, 2009

I do not like It takes forever to load pictures, so I only have five minutes to send my letter. I have not even had a chance to read your letter mom. Sorry. I pray life is going well.

21st and 22nd-went on an exchange with Elder Roundy. Tuesday night and I worked Greenville Wednesday.  Elder Jones (not the Elder who lives with me) came from Greenville to go on an exchange with Elder Bowles. I realized that I have taken Elder Bowles for granted. He is an amazing missionary. It was nice to work Greenville for a day.
23rd-District development meeting. I gave a training on prayer. I find it appropriate that I received Dad's email about prayer AFTER my training. :P oh well. :D Oh funny story. The day started out with no dinner appointment, then throughout the day I actually ended up with three dinners! Yummy.
24-Ward had a pot luck dinner. A lot of part member families came so it was good for those nonmember to enjoy the ward.
25-Luis and Gasper's Baptism! :D It was great! It was a little confusing because the location of the baptism was changed three times, and the last time it changed, it not only changed locations but time. The baptism was going to be at six pm but it ended up being at 10 am. We had a member who was going to give us a ride at 6 but with the change in time we had to drive out to Boiling Springs which really took a number on our miles so we will be biking the rest of the month. Brother Prestigue (their dad) performed the baptism. He was so happy to see his sons take the first big step in the gospel. The baptism was in Spanish, so it was very interesting. I loved it.
26-we have been struggling with finding new investigators but the ones we have are solid! Edna and her three grandchildren are looking great for the baptism on the 9th, we also have a man named William who is going to be baptized that same day. Oh funny story. William thinks he is a prophet. First off, everyone in the south has had some type of crazy spiritual experience in their life. William's was a vision. In his vision two foot tall Cherokee Indians surrounded him and above him was the "spirit" of God. We still have to work with him on the whole "being a prophet" but he is really excited for his baptism. I wish I had more time. Make sure Dad forwards the pictures. I love you!

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