Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Last Preparation Day at MTC

March 17, 2009

Dear Family,
How is life going? I can't believe I'm going to be leaving this place already! It's crazy! I've really enjoyed my experience here. My companion and I try to teach whenever we have the opportunity. Our teachers' boss came in on Tuesday and wanted some volunteers to teach her, so Elder Naulu and I taught her according to her needs, in front of 15 teachers here at the MTC, pretty nerve wracking. The devotionals are so great here! On The 3rd we had Elder Kikuchi of the seventy come. He promised us that if we taught at least twenty lessons a week, then we will have 1 to 2 baptisms every month. We have had many large group meetings that all focus on baptism. One comment I heard that I really liked was "there is no scripture that states the field is brown all ready to plant." :p I know there are people in South Carolina who are ready for the gospel, I just need to find them. Another thing I've learned is that no one mission is harder than another. All missions are hard, they are just different. We had another Devotional on recognizing the spirit by Richard Heaton. It was really good. He explained that we need to be able to speak in the language of the people, must learn all the grammar rules, vocabulary etc. Just as important as learning the language, we need to learn the language of the Spirit. We've all felt the spirit very strongly in a particular way, but that is not the only way he speaks to us. We need to learn all the grammar rules and vocabulary of the Spirit. Sunday night I watched the video "Gift of Teaching" by Holland. He said the five things we need in order to be affective teachers is to
1. Ask, seek, and knock spiritually
2. Teach from the Scriptures
3. Teach by, and with the Spirit
4. Help the learner assume responsibility for learning
It was a great talk. The last thing he said was "never let your faith be difficult to detect." I need to live and teach with faith. Yesterday we watched the video recording of Holland speaking here at the MTC. The talk was entitled "Miracle of a Mission" It was powerful. What I heard in that talk will not only help me through my mission, but throughout my life. He talked about the sacrifice of being a disciple of Christ. He said it not only will be hard, but it HAS to be hard. Salvation is not cheap. It never meant to be an easy experience. It wasn't cheap, painless, or easy for the Savior. Paul called the disciples the "Brotherhood of Suffering" Holland continues "if you are going to represent Christ, you better have some evidence" Christ being resurrected, being a perfect being kept his wounds in his hands, arms and side as an example to us all of what it takes to follow the Father. Read John 15:18-19. Its powerful. I love you all, I wish I could write more but I'm out of time! Did Kevin get my letter?

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