Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm finally in South Carolina

March 23, 2009

Its my first preparation day in the mission field! :D I am serving in the city Anderson. My companion's name is Elder Bowles and he is from southern Utah. We have four missionaries in our apartment. Elder Hall and Elder Jones is the other companionship. Elders Jones and Hall are biking missionaries (they cover the center of the city) and Elder Bowles and I are in a car and cover the outside region. Our area's name is Anderson, but it covers a big area. I don't know much about the area except I know Iva is in our area down south. I wish I could open up multiple windows so I could see the questions you wanted me to answer. President McConkie does not want us to give out our address, he wants everything to go to the mission home. It's a little annoying but he's the boss! Our area only covers one ward, but it is such a great ward! The members are missionary minded and we are fed dinner every night! :) its great. This first week was a little interesting because I did not get a PD to buy food, and materials, but I just mooched off the other Elders. :) I'm excited to to go to Walmart today to buy a pillow.

I guess I should tell a little about my companion. Elder Bowles is the second of four boys (who would have thought) and before he came on the mission he loved playing football and lifting weights. His family lives on a beef farm. We are very different, I'm tall and skinny, from the city, and he's short and large from the country but we both have a strong desire to work until we can't work anymore so we get along just fine. Oh random thought: The high school in which the movie Radio takes place is in Anderson. We are teaching a young man Nick who sees "Radio" every day he goes to track. I want him to get a picture with him. :) I did not know Justin was going to work at Subway. I hope he has a better experience than he did at Ranch Market. Nick's baptism is the 28th but yesterday he asked his mother to sign his baptismal record and she told him she would not. :( Its sad but the gospel is true today, tomorrow, even two years from now. (which is when he will be 18 and he can sign his own baptismal record.) We are also teaching two kids Luis and Gasper. Their dad is a member and always goes to church and they have begun to take interest. Their baptismal date is the 28 of March as well. The week of baptisms is stressful. Satan does not want God's children to get on the straight and narrow path so he will do anything to stop it. This past Thursday Elder Bowles and I contacted a Lady named Felicia who is going through a divorce. I should not be happy about this, but adversity leads to humility which leads to opportunity to accept the gospel. When we first met her we briefly explained what the Book of Mormon was and shared some scriptures that help us when life gets hard. I read Alma 36:3. Its one of my favorites. We gave her the Book of Mormon and she said she would read, and we went over yesterday and she kept her commitment to read! We taught the first lesson to her and her sister Crystal and it was a very spiritual experience. We invited them to be baptized and they excepted. The baptism is scheduled for the 18th of April. We didn't even get the chance to talk about church and they told us they wanted to come to church with us! They are pretty solid, but once again Satan is strong so I can't take anything for granted.

The blog idea sounds great if you want to do that. What other questions did you have? I have an hour to write emails in the mission field. I'm not sure if you should email Sean's letter. I'll have to ask and get back to you.
Mom and Dad: I love you and I'm so thankful for your wonderful examples.
Grandma and Grandpa Dennis: I will not get a chance to write any letters, but let them know I really appreciated the dear elder letter while I was in the MTC.
Blake: Keep running.
Justin: Make work a party. :D
Kevin: Beat Ganondorf! ;)
I love you all and look for opportunities to spead the good word!
Elder Cowan

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