Thursday, March 5, 2009

First Preparation Day

Brother Clemment
Sister Andelin
Hello Family!
 It's finally preparation day! My address is I LOVE 
the MTC. I have two amazing teachers, Sister Andelin and Brother Clemment. There is so much stuff going on here! Elder Naulu and I have been practicing the first lesson since we arrived, but on Monday we had our first "real" test. Volunteers come into the MTC, and we had the opportunity to teach one of the volunteers. In the room where we were teaching the lesson, cameras were mounted on the wall so our teachers could observe us. I felt we did very well. It's so much fun to teach people about the gospel! The hardest part is figuring out where the investigator is in there life, and what questions they have which the gospel can answer. Sometimes I just want to ask "What is wrong with your life?"  :) 
Elder Naulu
Elder Naulu is from Spanish Fork UT, his dad is Tongan, his mom is Canadian, and they met at BYU-Hawaii. When I first got to my room on Wednesday (25), I was the first one there, but a couple minutes later Elder Francis arrived, and I talked to him on Facebook before I arrived so we were talking and then Elder Naulu showed up and while we were getting to know him, we asked "You are going to South Carolina as well, right?" and he just looked at us funny, and hesitantly answered yes. Later when Elder Naulu and I were picking up our luggage, I overheard him telling some Elders he was going to India. I thought he was pulling a prank on them, so when we were walking back to our dorm I asked him why he told them he was going to India, and he looked at me funny, and then he told me he truly was going to India. It was great, he thought that Elder Francis and I were messing with him when we asked about South Carolina, and then I thought he was messing with some other Elders about India. We still get a good laugh from the memories of the first day.  :) 
With the constant study and spiritual environment, everyday I realize more and more how blessed I am to have this gospel. I am so excited to to go to South Carolina and tell people about the wonderful truth that the church has been restored in its fullness to the earth. Thank you for all the letters and I'm so thankful for a loving Family that supports me while I am on my mission! I love you all! Time is about to run out, I need to learn how to type faster ;P Have a great day!
Elder Cowan

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