Monday, June 8, 2009

New Assignments

Humidity is killer!
What a crazy week! I have so much to write about and I don't have any time to write because I could not open any email or anything in Little frustrating but we go on. I've decided Wayne is going to kill me. This week he told Elder Bowles and me he wanted to be baptized, and then we went over the next day and he told us God had told him to slow down. AAAHHHH! Oh well. It's the Lords will to teach me patience. Alan is sweet. His baptismal date is the 20th. He has to get over smoking, but I know he can do it. I had an awkward incident with the young women from the ward. I was going down the hall opening every door to see if Billy (Edna's grandson) was at mutual, and I opened one door and all the young women were dancing with their backs towards me. I tried to shut the door as fast as possible but one of the girls turned around and saw me and screamed out of surprise, anyways all is well, it was just a little awkward. I wish I had time for more stories but I don't. 
Elder Quakenbush
Transfers: I received a call Saturday morning from AP Elder Bromley and he told me Elder Bowles was leaving which leaves Anderson District leaderless. He told me that I am going to be the District Leader. Wow. That's stressful but also a huge honor only being two transfers out. Elder Quakenbush received a call from one of the Assistants saying the biking area is going to be closed down, and that he is going to be a District Leader somewhere. Elder Bowles received a call from President McConkie a couple hours later telling him he was going to be Zone Leader in Spartanburg and the other Zone Leader will be his trainer Elder Fromm.  :)  After this next transfer, he will have spent 6 months with Elder Fromm. A couple minutes later we get a call from Elder Quakenbush telling us that President had just called him and he is going to be training a new missionary. A few minutes after we received the call from Quakenbush, we received another phone call from President. This time he wanted to speak to me. I have the assignment to train a new missionary this next transfer! I am going to have a "son" after two transfers! President told me "I've heard great things about you." He went on to say that this calling is a huge honor and he has high expectations for me. Oh wow talk about the stress. I'm suppose to train a missionary, and I feel I have no idea how to do missionary work and on top of that President McConkie has high expectations for me. I hope I can live up to those expectations. I know the Lord qualifies whom he calls so I am going to trust in Him. I love you all.
Elder Cowan 

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