Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Blake

Dear Family,

Happy Birthday Blake! 17! Oh yeah! I loved your birthday plans aka "Just like Heaven." Keep up the good work. :P
Kevin, I'm proud of you for strengthening your swimming skills. Keep up the good work.
Justin, Do you get discounts at home depot? (wink wink-like on PVC pipe?):) I'm glad your co-workers recognize your ability to work.
Dad, don't stress. :)  Live life as it comes. :P
Mom, I received the package on Thursday. I was surprised how fast it got here. The cookies and muffins were/are delicious. Thank you. I love you.

Ok time for the weekly events:
Elder Taylor, Allen McKinney, Elder Cowan
Oh I guess I should start with last week because I forgot a little event...Allen was baptized. :) I don't know how I could have forgotten, but I did. :) and from those we found this week hopefully we will have more baptisms in the future. First story is about Bennie Jones. We were walking down a street and we see a lady sitting on her porch (common occurrence in the south--everyone sits on their porches in the evenings.) We contacted her and she told us she had heard of Joseph Smith and she agreed to listen to our message. After we said the opening prayer, I asked what she knew about Joseph Smith, and she replied, "I'm a member of your church." :) She has been inactive for many years. Her husband is not a member and she also has two nieces that live with her who are not members. We are going over on Tuesday to share the lessons and hopefully we can re-activate her, and get her family excited about the church as well. Second story: Rich neighborhood. On the weekends we normally contact upper class neighborhoods because the family members are normally all there. Elder Taylor and I came up to a door in a fancy neighborhood and the man came outside and told us he was the president of the home owners association and that we are not permitted to solicit in the neighborhood. I politely told him we were not selling anything, but simply sharing a message about Jesus Christ so therefore we did not belong in the "soliciting" category. He knew I was correct but he didn't like my comment so he kicked us out of the neighborhood. :) Oh yeah, that's got to count toward some wife points. We then went to another fancy neighborhood, and as we were knocking one side of the street, a man on the other side let out two big boxers in his front yard. We continued down the street which ended up being a dead end so we turned back around and we came back to the house with the dogs. I started to walk up and the dogs were quite angry looking, but I knew the man was inside his house and he wasn't going to let the dogs get me, so I started to walk up to the door and the man came outside and told us the dogs would bite, so we contacted him from the street. He was quite afraid of us. :) I'm not sure why anyone would be afraid of two teenagers but anyways I thought it was funny that he sent his dogs out to protect his house from the Mormon missionaries. :) Last week I think I wrote about Michelle who completely changed from not being interested, to "I want you to baptize my kids" in a couple of minutes. Anyway she came to church yesterday! :) Her two sons did not come with her but her 7 year old daughter came and they both went to primary. :) We didn't see her after church but by talking to the primary teacher, it sounds like she enjoyed it. We are also teaching another family: Steve, Lisa and their two children, Chase and Casey. They are great people but Steve and Lisa both smoke, so they have their difficulties to overcome, but I know through the Lord's help, they will overcome. Their baptismal date is the 25th of July. I also had my first DDM as a district leader this week. I gave a training on doing the Lord's work and how it is only accomplished when we do it His way. Well there are always more stories but unfortunately my time is up. I love this gospel, and the opportunity to be an instrument in the Lord's hands as He goes about His work. (Moses 1:39) Love, Elder Cowan

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