Monday, June 1, 2009

Stevie's Baptism

Dear family,

You don't need to get me any more shirts. I don't need any more. If you could find some way to keep my shirts white, I could use that. Recently I've tried putting a little bleach into the washer. I think it helps with the stains.  :) 

I don't know if I told you about Stevie Dockery. Stevie is a friend of a member named Thomas Fellows. Thomas was in a play with Stevie and throughout the practices they began to talk about religion. Stevie has cared a lot about religion, even though he is only 18. He has gone from church to church searching for the correct one. I honestly feel Thomas taught Stevie EVERYTHING he knows about the gospel. Thomas told Stevie that the only way he can know if the Church of Jesus Christ is the church he has been looking for is if he prays and asks Heavenly father. Stevie prayed and felt like he should be baptized. This is when Elder Bowles and I met him. Stevie had already received a witness from the Holy Ghost that he needed to join this church, and so we taught him the lessons (even though he already knew all of the information from Thomas) and this past Sunday he was baptized by Thomas. It was really quick but it was a blessing to see this young man and his determination to follow the Spirit and not let anything stop him. Thomas has been saving money to go on a mission, and Stevie told us the last time we taught him, that he wanted to serve a mission as well! It will be such a blessing for both of them to help each other prepare to serve the Lord.

Wayne Morris is back on the radar again. We stopped by this week to see how he was doing and both he and his brother had been antied by people telling them that we worship Joseph Smith. I'm glad Wayne revealed his concern so we could help him understand. We told him about the video "Joseph Smith, The prophet of the Restoration"(the movie that was in the visitor's center about an hour long)and we offered to watch the video with him the next time we came over. Wayne seemed really interested to learn more about the prophet. We went by later this week and watched the movie with him. I love the movie. The spirit was very strong while we were there. We had to leave to get to another appointment so we were not able to talk much about the video. Then on Sunday Wayne came to Stevie's baptism! It was a miracle. I was so shocked! We were able to talk briefly about the video and Wayne told me he knew Joseph Smith was a prophet, and he wants us to come over on Tuesday to talk about the video and baptism! I really have come to love Wayne. Elder Bowles and I are fasting for him today. It will be difficult breaking away from the Catholic church which he has been associated with all his life, but I know he will make it. 
Stevie's funny face  :)
This is the last week of the transfer. 16 missionaries will be going home, and we are only getting 4 more. Many of the areas will be shut down until we get more missionaries. I don't think I will be with Elder Bowles anymore. We have grown very close and I will definitely miss serving with him. I could not read Dad's email. There was some type of error..grrr...I really do not like myldsmail but its what I've been asked to use, and I will be obedient.

I will definitely pray and fast for grandma. I love life and I know I am where I am supposed to be.

Love Elder Cowan

P.S-Justin, Blake, and Kevin: Write me! I want to hear what's going on in your life. It doesn't have to be long--one or two sentences will be greatly appreciated. You also don't have the excuse of school. Ha! 
Thomas Fellows & Stevie Dockery

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  1. Wow! I just caught up on a couple weeks worth of emails. What a testimony that the Lord truely has people prepared. I love the story of Stevie and William!! It makes me realize that I need to do more sharing of the gospel here in Mexico. P.S. Amy, you're doing awesome on this blog. It's better than mine already. Send me your other family blog address too. :)