Monday, October 25, 2010

Assistant to President McConkie

Dear Family,
What a week. I am not sure what to think. Many things have occurred this past week and I received transfer information, but I will tell everything in sequential order. Last Monday was extremely busy because we had to fill out a sheet from the missionaries in our zone. This report was necessary for our zone interviews which took place on Friday. The forms took up the entire day.
Tuesday and Wednesday were normal work days up until we received a phone call Wednesday night from the assistants. They told us to be down in Irmo the next day with enough room for two missionaries and all their luggage. I was so confused because transfers were happening the next week. Elder Ernst and I discussed the situation and we both felt like the missionaries that would be coming to Camden were brand new missionaries. We discussed how to train them to be the best missionaries. The next morning, Brother Dent brought Elder Ernst and I down to Irmo and there were 12 other missionaries who had no idea why they were there as well. President brought us in and told us that there were 12 missionaries who were called to serve in Brazil who do not have their visas yet, so they have been re-assigned here until their visas arrive. From Thursday afternoon until now, I have been serving with Elder Earl. Elder Earl is from San Diego and he is a great missionary. He and Elder Riggs (Elder Ernst's companion) are having culture shock. They have just spent nine weeks in the MTC learning Portuguese and now they are fighting anti preachers instead of fighting the jungle of Brazil. :)
On Saturday we received transfer calls. Elder Ernst was on the phone and I heard him say, "Oh Elder Cowan is leaving as well?" After that Elder Ernst passed me the phone and it was President McConkie. President asked me about my extension. He said he was going to do everything in his power to help me receive an extension. He then asked me to be his Assistant. I am shocked. President McConkie never calls someone to be an Assistant when they only have three transfers left. I am humbled and very, very nervous. I will do my best to fulfill those serious responsibilities. I need to go. With four missionaries now using the same computer, we run out of time in half the time! Thanks for all the support. I love you all!
Elder Cowan

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  1. WHOA!!!! Actually, I can't say that I'm too shocked. I've been waiting for that news to come. Congratulations Trevor.