Monday, October 4, 2010

Temple Session and General Conference

Dear Family,

Wow! This week has been crazy! On Monday we had Zone Leader Council which was great to talk to the other Zone Leaders to plan out this upcoming month and determine what we can do to better help our Zones fulfill their potential. It is interesting now with the new meeting schedule, we no longer have Zone Development meetings. We do not have many opportunities to train our missionaries, so our focus is on the District Leaders. I am relying more and more on my District Leaders to take what I tell them to their districts. I hope I can continue to fulfill my responsibility with full purpose of heart.

Tuesday began the leadership training meeting. It was a great meeting, and at the end of the day, President McConkie informed us that the next morning we would begin our meeting at the South Carolina Columbia Temple! We met at 6:00 in the morning and we as the leaders of the mission were able to attend an endowment session! It was an amazing experience. I learned so much from being in the temple. I went fasting and praying about a specific question that I had and the miracle was that not only was it answered, but I also learned two others truths that I need to apply to follow the example of Jesus Christ in my leadership responsibilities.

We continued to have leadership training meetings throughout the week. We ended Friday night. We had General Conference on Saturday :) and then we went to the Base on Sunday. The Soldiers in basic training are not allowed to leave the base, so they missed out on General Conference (which was amazing.) but they were able to partake of the sacrament. I was blessed to have the best of both worlds. We attended the branch at the post in the morning and, because of the time difference, we were still able to make it up to Camden in time for General Conference. We had four baptisms this week. An extra special event was Sister Roper, who has been struggling her entire time on post, (she actually got injured and has had to stay for four months) was interviewed yesterday and she is getting baptized next week! I am so excited for her. I had the opportunity to interview her. Well, we had General Conference on Sunday, and here we are on Monday! Time keep going by way to quickly. I love this work. I love each of you! I HOPE AND PRAY YOU ALL HAVE A GREAT WEEK!
Elder Cowan

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