Monday, September 27, 2010

"This is a Gospel of Second Chances"

Dear Family,

This week's letter is going to be really short. I have a meeting in an hour. I am doing the Lord's work. I may not talk the talk, but I am trying to walk the walk. Life is great. I was a little down because some of our top investigators have fallen off of the path. The thought popped into my head, "This is a gospel of second chances." My immediate thoughts were selfish and self centered. I thought, "maybe I will have a second change to baptize these individuals." My thought was then directed to the Fort Jackson Military Base. I was thinking of the last two soldiers I had the privilege to teach and witness them enter the waters of baptism. I recognized there was one thing in common between these two soldiers. They both at different times in their lives had investigated the church. In their previous investigations, these two men were not ready for the Restored Gospel. I compared my feelings for the two individuals in the Camden area who dropped us, with the missionaries who were dropped by the soldiers in their previous investigations. If only those missionaries could have been in attendance at their baptisms. I know it would strengthen those missionaries to know that their efforts were not in vain. It brought peace to me to know that I will never see the end result of my efforts here in South Carolina. I know that this Gospel is a gospel of second chances, maybe not for me to teach, but for God’s children to receive the Restored Gospel. I have an even greater resolution to work with all that I have for none of it will be wasted. We had three baptisms at the Fort Jackson Post. One of my favorite converts is Brother Watkins. He was baptized three weeks ago, two weeks ago he blessed the sacrament, and just yesterday he had the opportunity to baptize one of his battle buddies! Talk about a quick start! I love you all! Thank you for your continual prayers!

Elder Cowan

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